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July Ministry Theme: none

Service Schedule. On May 26 we moved to a single 10:00 AM service and will resume with two services after Labor Day. We broadcast the 11:00 or the single service in Zoom. Our Zoom login and call-in information is shared through the congregational eblasts on Wednesdays and Saturdays. To subscribe to the congregational eblast, please send a message to or contact Annie Gentile in the UUSE office to arrange another method of receiving relevant information.


Upcoming Services

Reminder: UUSE has a Low Scent Policy

Here's a list of upcoming services. Past services can be found here.

July 21, 2024


Hymn Sing.

July 21: “Hymn Sing.”

We’ll have 3 or 4 people talking about their chosen song. In addition to hymns with talks, and hymns selected by non-attendees, we’ll have time for both in person folks and Zoomers to choose hymns to sing. We won’t be able to display words for these spontaneous choices. But it can be enjoyable and meaningful for all.

July 28, 2024


Spinoza's God: Wisdom from the 1600s

July 28: “Spinoza's God: Wisdom from the 1600s.”

Spinoza wrote that God is the world and the entire world is in God. He used a rationalistic perspective to show that human life is subject to the universal laws of nature. Learn about the remarkable ways in which this early philosophy mirrors the fundamental principles of Unitarian Universalism.

Guest Presenter: Peggy Webbe.

Coordinator(s): Vivian Carlson

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