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Music plays a huge part in our worship and in our community, and there's room for everyone to participate in our music programs. Many talented individuals take part in our services individually, in groups, in singing circles, and in choirs.  Whether it's leading hymns, participating in choirs, playing piano or guitar, or even gifted professional musicians providing spirited musical themes, everyone can play a part. Our music director, Mary Bopp, with help from a very active music committee, plays a key role in all of the musical offerings that take place at UUSE.


Mary Bopp

Music Director
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Mary has served UUSE since 2015, after over 30 years as a professional full-time musician in New York City! An award-winning artist, Mary brings more than hymns and classical composers' music to our services. She is also an improv-magician to many, directs our choir with her unique creativity and adaptability, and brings a variety of professional artists to perform at services and more! Mary is a beloved inspiration to us all.

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