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Upcoming Services

Reminder: UUSE has a Low Scent Policy

Here's a list of upcoming services. Past services can be found here.

CYM Sunday.

Please join us for a celebration of this year's accomplishments within the Children & Youth Ministry program at UUSE! Rejoice with CYM staff, committee members, volunteers, children, youth, and families as we reflect on all the gifts both given and received this year.

Coordinators: Emmy Galbraith, CYM Committee

The Bitter with the Sweet.

June 23: “The Bitter with the Sweet.”Beth Hankins and Martha Larson are coordinators of this service examining how we face adversity and uncertainty. What are the sources of strength and support available to us in the UUSE community and from our UU beliefs? This service includes thoughts on death and illness.Coordinator(s): Beth Hankins & Martha Larson #JuneNewsletter

What Renews Your Spirit?

June 30: “What Renews Your Spirit?”June is a time for celebrations, transitions, and looking forward to abundant summer. The worship theme of renewal fits perfectly for this time of year. We will explore renewal with members’ reflections, music, and readings.Coordinator(s): Sandy Karosi & Sande Hartdagen  #JuneNewsletter

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