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Children & Youth Ministry

The Children & Youth Ministry (CYM) at UUSE offers a thriving program for all young people from infancy through senior high and more!


Classes are held on the Garden Level at UUSE, concurrently with the second (11am) service from September through June. In the summer months, we offer a lighter schedule which runs concurrent with the 10am service.

About Children & Youth Ministry

Our Children and Youth Ministry (CYM) offers a thriving program for all young people from infancy through senior high and more!


The CYM program is a cooperative effort; we utilize a team approach, with one adult from each family volunteering in some capacity in CYM. We urge families to become informed about UUSE philosophy, themes, and activities by attending services, participating in parent meetings, engaging in discussions with the Director of Children and Youth Ministry, Minister, CYM committee members, classroom volunteers, and other families. The CYM Committee also sponsors many multi-generational events, including winter holiday celebrations, Trunk-or-Treat, game nights, movie nights and more. 

UU Principles, Children’s Version: 

• Every person is important. 

• Be kind in all you do. 

• We’re free to learn together. 

• We can search for what is true. 

• All people need a voice. 

• Build a fair and peaceful world. 

• We care for the earth. 


Sources We Draw From: 

The living tradition we share draws from many sources, including: 

• Direct experience of mystery and wonder; 

• Words and deeds of prophetic women and men; 

• Wisdom from the world’s religions; 

• Jewish and Christian teachings; 

• Humanist teachings using reason and science; 

• Spiritual teachings of earth-centered traditions. 


Program Goals: 

• Continue to make community and connection the primary focus of our ministry, in order to build a strong support system for our children, youth, and families. 

• Foster UU identity formation by providing opportunities for children and adults of all ages to engage in fun and meaningful activities together. 

• Strengthen our commitment to dismantling systemic racism by selecting curricula, books, music, and movies with an anti-racist lens. 

• Build a community that cultivates pre-emptive radical inclusivity. 

New or Visiting?

Be sure to let a greeter know if you’re visiting a service and would like to know more about our program. They will be happy to put you in touch with our Director of Children and Youth Ministry, Emmy Galbraith, on the Garden Level. We are happy to welcome you into our program at any time! 


If you are able, we strongly encourage that you connect with Emmy prior to a first visit so your child can know what to expect. Her direct email is Additionally, the CYM Committee is always available for questions or comments at our dedicated email:

Contact Us

Emmy, the Director of CYM, can be reached by email at And the  CYM Committee is available for questions or comments at 

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