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Emmy's Friday Update

For Sunday February 25th

A flaming chalice - symbol of UUSE

Greetings CYM Families & Friends!

If you missed last week’s All Congregation Service led by Josh and I, you missed out!  And you were missed.  It feels so nice to have Josh back in the pulpit and to work alongside him in a Time For All Ages.  We brought our Gift Box from the Children’s Chapel to share with everyone in the sanctuary, and our kids were able to teach the community about the Golden Rule, and the also important and emerging Platinum Rule.  One big reason I love working with children is because they give me such HOPE for our future!  I look forward to being inspired by their energy every Sunday.

If you haven’t already heard, our CYM Program meeting will be March 3rd from 12:30 to 2 PM on the Garden Level, with lunch and childcare provided.  Please RSVP immediately, so we can plan appropriately.  You may register for the meeting here, and  I would appreciate an email if you know you can’t come.  Also, you do not have to be a caregiver of a current student to participate - all are welcome to attend!  Discussion topics will include a debriefing of the recent survey results, the future of the program curriculum and structure, exciting new ideas and classic favorites, time for Q&A with CYM staff, Rev. Josh and CYM Committee members, as well as a spring timeline of next steps.  I know it is a busy month and we are pulled in lots of directions.  It would be so wonderful to have as many families attend as possible!  If you haven’t been able to attend CYM much this year, or are just stepping into our program, we definitely want you there too!

Here’s what’s happening in CYM this Sunday, February 25th, 2024:

Youth Choir: Will meet this Sunday, February 25th at 10:15 AM in the Children’s Chapel!  Everyone is welcome to participate, and we encourage older children to join and serve as leaders in their community. If you’d like a copy of the new song we are starting, please let me know!

Nursery: Childcare will be available in our nursery at 11 AM for children age 3 and under.  

Spirit Play: “Wanda’s Roses” - This week, our story teaches that in our Unitarian Universalist community, we welcome each person’s ideas, even if they are different than anyone else’s ideas. And we try to support people in our community when they want to make a difference by acting on what they believe.  Spirit Play students should leave toys at home, and dress ready to play and paint!

Workshop Adventures: “Unfair Monopoly and Unfair Candyland” - Youth will play board games with a twist!  The games will be familiar but the rules will be different. Playing Unfair Monopoly and Unfair Candyland will give the children an opportunity to see how it feels when peers have an unfair advantage.  Rev. Josh will be present to lead the children in conversation about privilege.  

The Fifth Dimension: “Four O’Clock” - This episode deals with the dangers of being judgmental.  Youth participants will consider complex questions about mental health, human behavior, and the “right” and “wrong” binary.

OWL: “Redefining Abstinence” - Participants explore the concept of abstinence, which is redefined as refraining from sexual intercourse (oral, anal, or vaginal), as well as skin-to-skin genital contact. This definition of abstinence excludes higher risk sexual behaviors but allows for the possibility of healthy and safe non-intercourse sexual behaviors, such as masturbation and outercourse.

High School Youth Group: does NOT meet this Sunday.

Community Connections

Saturday, February 24 at 10 AM: Acorn Adventures: Eagle Eyes with Horizon Wings

Children and their families are invited to join The Last Green Valley staff to experience just how long a bald eagle’s wings are, how huge their eyes are and how big they build their nests. Norwich harbor and at the head of the Thames River attracts many birds, and bald eagles love the hunting opportunities here. While we are learning about these amazing birds of prey we will have our eyes trained to the skies to see them in the wild. Bring binoculars, a spotting scope or a camera, if you like. After we have searched the skies, Horizon Wings Raptor Rehabilitation of Ashford will join us with some special guests and share even more amazing facts about bald eagles. Registration is not required but appreciated to ensure we have enough materials for children to take home. Acorn Adventures are always free to families thanks to the generous sponsorship of Centreville Bank, however, donations to Horizon Wings are appreciated.

March 1st - 3rd:  Our very own high school youth Dean Gonzalez will perform in a lead role of Rockville High School’s production of Mama Mia!  You may purchase tickets here:

Upcoming Stewarding Potlucks for CYM!:

What is a Stewarding Potluck?  A potluck is an opportunity to get together and enjoy one another’s company. And some good food!  At a stewarding potluck there is an opportunity to ask questions about UUSE, our finances and the budget.  You will receive a mailing around the end of February with more information as well as a pledge form which you can mail in or bring to the potluck.  We hope you and your family will participate!  I have to say, I greatly appreciate the transparency around all financial activity at UUSE.  

Membership and CYM representatives will be stationed on both the Main Level and Garden Level for the next three Sundays with sign-ups for Stewarding Potlucks.  There are 3 potlucks directed towards CYM families (although you are welcome to attend any.)  Two are on March 9th at homes in Mansfield and South Windsor, and one will be on March 10th in the sanctuary at UUSE (pizza and more provided.)  Please consider attending if only to learn more about the operations of our non-profit organization!

Save the Date:

  • February 24: All Ages Game Night: 6-9PM in the Sanctuary at UUSE.  Contact Ellen Williams with any questions! 

  • March 3: CYM Program Meeting for caregivers and friends with CYM Staff, Committee, and Rev Josh!  The meeting will run from 12:30 to 2 PM on the Garden Level.  Childcare and lunch will be provided, please RSVP here.  

  • March 9: CYM Stewarding Potlucks in Mansfield and South Windsor - signups will be available on both the Main and Garden Levels this Sunday and next.

  • March 10: CYM Stewarding Potluck in the Sanctuary at UUSE after service - again, signups will be available on both the Main and Garden Levels this Sunday and next.

  • March 17: Congregational Meeting at 1:00 p.m. in the sanctuary.  UUSE will hold a congregational meeting to vote on two questions related to Article II. This meeting will be held both in-person and on Zoom. For questions or to reserve childcare, please contact Carrie Kocher at

How You Can Help in CYM: 

  • URGENT NEED: One more volunteers needed in Workshop Adventures on March 3rd.  Peggy Gagne is leading and could use 1 more adult.  There are some families who have not yet volunteered in a classroom this year, which as a reminder, is a requirement of all families to keep our program running and free of cost.  Workshop Adventures is a fun group to work with, so please, add your name to the schedule!

  • To sign up to volunteer in a classroom, please select from the following links!

Nursery (ages 3 and under) 

Workshop Adventure (Grades 1 through 5) 


Twilight Zone (6th, 7th and 8th grades) 

High School Youth Group (Grades 9-12) Faith In Action (Grades 10-12)

CYM program calendar for 2023-2024

See you Sunday friends!

With Love and Gratitude,

Emmy Galbraith

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