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Giving includes many aspects of congregational life: fellowship, time, and talents, as well as treasure, as you see throughout this site. Here are some ways we offer treasure to both UUSE and the greater community.


At UUSE, we encourage a culture of giving. Every gift makes an incredible difference to our incredible church, to the people of Manchester and the surrounding towns, and to our work in the world. Give a single gift online or in person, and you can even set up recurring donations. We are so grateful for your commitment and generosity.

Donate Directly to UUSE
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Donate to the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee Emergency Response Fund for Ukraine and Haiti
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Helping Hands

Community Outreach Ministry
Charitable Giving 

Charitable Giving for June

As always, thank you for your generosity.

“We do not gather our gifts only for ourselves, but to share with the larger community.”

Continuing our practice of sharing our gifts with the community beyond our walls, fifty percent of our Sunday plate collections for the month of June will be Trans Voice & Visibility 365.

Please contact Louisa Graver at, David Lacoss, or Nancy Madar at

Checks made out to UUSE will be treated as follows. If the memo line:

  is blank or “pledge” is written, all will go toward your pledge.

  has “COM” or the name of the charity is on the memo line, all will go to the charity.

  has “1/2 pledge, 1/2 COM,” it will be divided equally.




We think it is taking care of things that matter: the earth, our families and friends, the marginalized and historically oppressed. Closer to home, it means taking care of our spiritual home, Unitarian Universalist Society East.

This is where we make the connections that matter. We are mindful of the many generous gifts of time, talent and treasure that support and sustain our mission. We come together to celebrate and to do the important work that makes the world a better place. We come to rejuvenate our senses, to create a holy space, and to strengthen our resolve.

Each March we conduct our Annual Appeal that raises funds for the continued operation of our Meetinghouse and its many programs. We also encourage newcomers, members and friends, to make pledges throughout the year. We hope you will join us in this spirit of generosity.


Annual Appeal Link

The 2024-25 Stewardship Committee –
Louisa Graver, Jean Knapp, Larry Lunden, Phil Sawyer, Stan McMillen, and Patricia Wildes

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Planting a Plant

Legacy Giving Program

The Legacy Giving Program was initiated as part of the Unitarian Universalist Society East (UUSE) 50th anniversary celebration with the goal of significantly expanding the UUSE General Endowment Fund. A larger Endowment Fund (e.g. $4 million by 2035) will enable using a portion of the income to fund special activities.

Legacy Bequest

A legacy bequest is a gift of personal property or financial assets made through the provisions of a will, a trust, or as a beneficiary of a retirement plan. It is generally the largest gift a member will give to their church and can be based on a fixed amount or on a percent of the remaining balance of a member’s estate.

Legacy bequests are revocable, which means that if your circumstances change over time, you can change your will or your retirement plan beneficiary. If you want to make or change a legacy bequest please contact the UUSE office.

Gift and Endowment Policies

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