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UUSE is committed to ongoing efforts to save our planet through green action. We are a certified Green Sanctuary.


Green Sanctuary News 

Spring is a time when we celebrate and enjoy new life around us. Despite the troublesome pollens, we love to see all the blossoms on trees and shrubs, all the bulb plants opening one after another, and the many green shoots of perennial plants popping up and filling out. Gardening is a great pleasure for many of us, whether we grow vegetables, berries, flowers, shrubs, trees or a great mixture. Many of us are finding new pleasure and hope in growing native plants that are so helpful to the insects needed by birds, especially almost all the hatchlings, and for all our essential pollinators.

Come see the newly planted beds outside the garden level, where the children in CYM have planted flowers and veggies in the first two beds, and where SLC folks have planted native seedlings in the three other beds as part of our Blooms and Bikes grant. The bed along the sidewalk contains mostly perennial herbs which are always free for you to pick.

Our Native Plant group, spearheaded by Sharon Gresk, now has 56 members from within and beyond UUSE spreading the word and sharing information and tips about growing these most essential plants. Keep an eye open for more plant swaps in the near future.

Preparing for the later end of life, we have a new option for our memorial garden remains. Aquamation, now available in Manchester, sounds like a more environmentally friendly way to care for our remains than cremation does. To learn more, come to our Climate Café at 12:00 noon on Sunday, June 9, in the sanctuary at UUSE. Information and snacks will be provided by our guest, Tom Tierney, of Tierney Funeral Home. This should be a very informative discussion.


Go Solar!

The Sustainable Living Committee is thrilled to report that UUSE has contracted with Connecticut solar provider, Savkat, to resume our popular solar program! Savkat has agreed to donate $25 to UUSE for every appointment and $1,000 for every signed solar contract. The program begins immediately, and is available to all UUSE members, family, and friends. Just tell them you were referred by UUSE!


We will be hosting several informational sessions with our Savkat representative on Sunday mornings during coffee hour to answer any questions congregants may have. If you're interested in learning more about getting solar installed, you can make an appointment at this time. 


Already know you want to reduce your carbon footprint by installing solar? You can contact our Savkat representative, Jordan Bernstein, right away! His contact info is below.


Thank you for caring about our planet!


Jordan Bernstein

Lead Manager 


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Green Actions You Can Take

  • Join our ecological landscaping team

  • Help with recycling and composting

  • Help sell "Fair Trade" coffee, tea, and chocolate after Sunday services

  • Help with the annual organic veggie garden

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