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Past Services

This is a list of past services. Upcoming services can be found here.

Earth Day and the Arts: We Wont Give Up!

Art has the power to inspire change. Join us as some of our artists and writers share their thoughts about the artwork they have created for our new Earth Day art exhibit.

Coordinators: Janet Heller, Chris Larson,

Notes on Interdependence.

Our ministry theme for April is interdependence. This morning Rev. Josh offers his latest reflections on this concept that is central to Unitarian Universalist theology and spirituality.

Coordinator: Rev. Josh Pawelek

People Need People.

In keeping with our April theme of Interdependence, coordinators Anne Vogel and Martha Larson will explore what we as humans need to be more joyful. Featured musician Andy Ricci will sing and play guitar. Dorothy Bognar will be our pianist.

Coordinators: Anne Vogel and Martha Larson

Shine on Me: A Celebration of Easter.

All-Congregational Service. Join us for our annual Easter music service. Through story and song, we explore the deeper meanings at the heart of Easter.

Coordinators: Rev. Josh Pawelek,

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