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Past Services

This is a list of past services. Upcoming services can be found here.

Why UUSE is Home.

Our congregational family is uniquely special to many of our members and friends. But why exactly? Come hear members of the UUSE family share their thoughts about what UUSE means to them and why they are committed members of our community.
Coordinators: David Klotz and Marsha Howland

Sweetness Everywhere.

As we begin settling into the congregational year, Rev. Josh offers some musings on what it means to be welcoming in our present age. He takes a cue from Rabbi Rachel Barenblat, who counsels us to "seek out sweetness everywhere." We'll also welcome new members into our congregation.
Coordinator: Rev. Josh Pawelek


All-Congregational Worship! Rev. Josh Pawelek and members of the Committee for Children and Youth Ministry will lead us in worship as we launch the new congregational year. This morning we celebrate our liberal faith, our congregational community, and what it means to offer a wide welcome. Remember to bring your backpack, briefcase, workbag, pocketbook, etc. for our annual end-of-summer “Blessing of the Backpacks.”
Coordinator(s): Rev. Josh Pawelek

Spiritual Connection

This month’s theme is Welcome. There’s a feeling of being welcomed and connected when we join a club or fraternal organization. And then there are the connections that spring from our hearts and the connections we feel when we share a common bond. Today’s service is about spiritual connection.
Coordinator(s): Sheila Foran and Sandy Karosi

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