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"Love is the Spirit of This Church" -- UUSE Virtual Worship, March 3, 2024

Updated: Feb 29

Gathering Music


by the Juicebox Jukebox

performed by Meetinghouse

Welcome (Rev. Josh Pawelek)




"Count on Me"

by Bruno Mars

performed by Meetinghouse

Chalice Lighting and Opening Words

"Love is The Spirit of This Church"

by James Villa Blake

Love is the spirit of this church,

and service its law.

This is our great covenant:

To dwell together in peace,

To seek the truth in love,

And to help one another.

Opening Hymn

#1 "May Nothing Evil Cross This Door"

words by Louis Untermeyer

music by Robert N. Quaile

performed by Meetinghouse

May nothing evil cross this door;

and may ill fortune never pry about

these windows: may the roar

and rain go by.

By faith made strong, the rafters will

withstand the battering of the storm.

This hearth, though all the world grow chill,

will keep you warm.

Peace shall walk softly through these rooms,

touching our lips with holy wine,

till every casual corner blooms

into a shrine.

With laughter drown the raucous shout,

and, though these sheltering walls are thin,

may they be strong to keep hate out

and hold love in.

Time for All Ages

"What Things Cost"

Rev. Josh Pawelek


"Count on Me" (Reprise)

by Bruno Mars

performed by Meetinghouse

Joys and Concerns


The recipient of our March community outreach offering is Moral Monday CT, a statewide coalition of individuals and organizations, rooted in the social justice and civil rights movements. Based in Hartford, Moral Monday CT gathers voices in the struggle for freedom and justice for black and brown people. Their areas of focus, activism and social change work include police accountability, voting rights, and workers rights. Moral Monday CT was founded by Bishop John Selders and Lady Pamela Selders.

Offering Music

"Brighter than the Sun"

by Colbie Caillat

performed by Meetinghouse


"Love is the Spirit of This Church"

Rev. Josh Pawelek

Closing Music

"Stand by You"

by Rachel Platten

performed by Meetinghouse

Extinguishing the Chalice

Closing Circle

May faith in the spirit of life

And hope for the community of Earth

And love of the light in each other

Be ours now, and in all the days to come.

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