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Article II Discussion Area

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

“Article II of the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) Bylaws, Principles and

Purposes, is the foundation for all of the work of our UUA and its member

congregations and covenanted communities. It is the covenant to which all of

our congregations and covenanted communities pledge themselves when they

become members of our UUA.” - UUA Article II Study Report

There are many differing points of view about Article II and UUA’s processes. As you consider your own thoughts, you might want to reflect on this Unofficial A2 Proposed Bylaws Revision DRAFT as amended 06.2023, comments posted below, as well as Rev. Josh’s July 23, 2023 sermon with his reflections on GA2023 and Article II.

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Principles and Purposes

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Note: Please contact John at the email address below if you would like a copy, or to contribute to the newsletter.

----- Forwarded Message -----

From: John Miller <>

Sent: Thursday, July 11, 2024 at 07:42:42 PM EDT

Subject: July 2024 UUnderWorld

Hello Everybody!

Attached is a pdf of the latest UUnderWorld, issue #3 (of a one-shot effort 😁), that took literally several hours to compile and copy fit. If it insults anyone, I apologize. It's much longer than the first two, but the last 2/3 of this one are three longer essays that I hope will be of interest. The original thought of the newsletter was to help garner support against the A2 rewrite. Continuing on it might become a platform…


Thursday, June 27, 2024

Subject: Post GA24 TOWN HALL Zoom Meeting

Dear Fellow UU’s

We had 212 people register for our Post GA24 Town Hall.  Unfortunately, the attendee extension we paid for was not properly implemented by Zoom and we were only able to accommodate 100 participants.  We are very sorry for this.  Fortunately, the meeting was recorded and you are welcome to view the recording at your convenience via the following link:

Passcode: q1&y34X?

The “shared screen with speaker view” or the “screen with gallery view” are both good recordings.  They have subtitles as well.

The outpouring of interest in this topic is notable.  Please continue to visit,, and consider joining to stay connected with those…


The letter below is a response to the first open letter to UU's.  This letter is about the 7 principles. 

See below. The UUSE discussion site remains open for everyone. 

Open Letter to UUs Edited to Uphold The Seven Principles

Open Letter to Unitarian Universalists as we head into a momentous 2024 General Assembly and as we chart our course into the future. To sign this letter, go to

Beloved Unitarian Universalist members and religious professionals, we present this letter as an

invitation to live into our principles and values at this moment.

People of goodwill can and do prioritize different things in our common journey as a religious community. It has been this way in our faith fo…


Please first read the prior post with Rev. Josh’s intro and comments. 

The Eklof Sermon on Muunies is here in black, with Rev. Josh’s comments in red.


Elkof:  Today, in his provocative and courageous book, The Cult of Trump, psychologist and

mind-control expert, Steven Hassan, who was himself once part of Moon’s cult, considers Sun

Myung Moon to have been a malignant narcissist, along with other cult leaders like L. Ron

Hubbard (Scientology), Jim Jones (Peoples Temple), David Koresh (Branch Davidians),

Warren Jeffs (Fundamentalist Church of Christ of Latter-Day Saints, or FLDS), Bhagwan

Shree Rajneesh (Rajneesh Movement), and Keith Raniere (NXIVM). “They all fit a similar

pattern,” Hassan says, “grandiose, arrogant, bombastic, supremely confident, demanding of 

Muunies attention and…


I am publishing the full sermon and Rev. Josh's response into the next post.

Hello all.  I requested Josh's professional opinions on the sermon from Elkof 'Muunie' and received the below repsonse.  Josh has given his permission to share it here and was kind enough to go into a lot of detail and background. The full text of sermon and response will be in the next post.


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From: Joshua Pawelek <>

To: Jean Knapp <>

Sent: Monday, June 10, 2024 at 10:15:50 AM EDT

Subject: My Response to the Muunies Sermon

Hi Jean:

I am attaching my response to Rev. Eklof's Muunies sermon. I have now spent five hours working on this. There is no way to…

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