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May Newsletter Article

The President’s Column

Happy Spring UUSE Members and Friends,

Spring is my favorite season, even though I like them all (except, perhaps the exorbitant heat in August). Spring brings birds, buds and most importantly that wonderful, fresh air that lifts my spirits. We do have to say goodbye to the artistic designs made by the winter tree branches, but in exchange we get to watch leaves evolve from their infancy through the darkening shades of green.

This spring, I believe most of us are well-aware of the difficult differences of opinion within the congregation regarding the UUA and currently the UUA language in UUSE’s Constitution. The Constitution contains our expressions of goals, aspirations and governance. As we work to resolve these issues, let’s all remember the importance of compromise, the importance of not ascribing to others motives they may not have, the importance of “walking in another’s shoes” and the importance of respect.

Compromise is not “defeat”, it encourages us to consider other perspectives and diminishes possibilities for anger to prevail. We learn to understand others’ emotions and respond with compassion and understanding. Through compromise we can think creatively, finding solutions that meet the needs of a divergent congregation.

My goal is for UUSE to continue together as an effective, compassionate, welcoming group that spreads kindness, freedom of thought and fairness throughout the world.


Peggy Webbe, President


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