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Sustainable Living Committee / Climate Action

Informs congregation of and brings change to use of energy, materials, and consumer goods.. Encourages spiritual enrichment by living more simply and in a way that is environmentally respectful, economically sound, and socially just. In 2006 achieved UUA's Green Sanctuary designation. Awarded TGreen Houses of Worship designation in 2016 by IREJN (Inter-Religious Eco-Justice Network)

The committee collects used printer cartidges and cellphones for recycling, and sells Equal Exchange cofrfee ane chocolate on the second Sunday of each month.

2023-24 Leadership Team

  • Acting Chair: Julia Caruk

  • Participants: Chris Bailey, Micah Baxter, Ellen Castaldini, Paul Cocuzzo, Marianne Cornish, Sharon Gresk, Janet Heller,Christine Larson, Mary Lawrence, Steve Simon, Anne Vaughan, Beth Ventura, Barbara Vizoyan

  • Ex-officio Rev. Josh Pawelek.Fair Trade

  • Coffee Sales: Desiree Holian-Borgnis



November 8, 2023 at 3:57:13 PM

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