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Sunday Services Committee

Shares responsibility with minister for planning and conducting Sunday Services.

2023-24 Leadership Team

  • Chair: Vivian Carlson

  • Co-Chair: Sandy Karosi

  • Members: Alan Ayers, Gianna DiMaiolo, Sheila Foran, Sande Hartdagen, Kate Howard-Bender, Marsha Howland, Beth Hudson Hankins, David Klotz, Nancy Madar, Anne Vogel

  • Ex-Officio: The Rev. Josh Pawelek,, Mary Bopp, and the Director of Children & Youth Ministry


  1. Encourage consistent congregant participation in lay-led services throughout the congregational year.

  2. Increase interfaith Sunday service network with other liberal faith-based organizations.

  3. Establish and maintain order of service display for the 2024 calendar.

  4. Establish and maintain online archive of lay-led service homilies.

  5. Establish google doc with link for updating Sunday Services Planner to include service descriptions and other items for IT and communications committee members.


November 8, 2023 at 3:53:40 PM

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