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Stewardship Committee

Provides for financial sustenance of church by raising awareness of need for giving and conducting congregationalwide Annual Appeal. Also provides guidance to members who wish to make a charitable bequest or gift to the UUSE Endowment Fund.

2023-24 Leadership Team

  • Acting Chair Patricia Wildes

  • Committee members: Louisa Graver, Jean Knapp, Larry Lunden, Stan McMillen, Phil Sawyer


· We dedicate our efforts to promoting a spirit of generosity and building a strong community.

· We lead the Annual Appeal program including establishing a theme for the year and stewarding our members by offering in person conversations, small group pot lucks, and pledge materials. We provide training for our member “stewards” and are deeply grateful to the stewards and the potluck hosts.

· We ensure coordination of stewarding activities with other fund-raising activities.

· We coordinate with Membership and CYM to ensure appropriate and supportive member communications and connections.

· For 2023-24 we plan to recruit a CYM family member to be part of our Committee as an adjunct member. An adjunct member provides consultation and support but is not required to participate directly in fund raising.

· As part of community stewardship, we enable and support congregational-wide recognition of member and friend monetary gifts.


February 7, 2024 at 9:19:27 PM

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