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Policy Board

THE POLICY BOARD directs UUSE business, financial, and administrative affairs, including formulating policy and overseeing church staff; it has charge of the Society’s property.

President: Acts as Society’s secular leader and spokesperson; presides at meetings of Society and Policy Board.

Vice President: Chairs the Program Council and acts for President in his/her absence. 

Clerk: Takes minutes at Policy Board and Society meetings; assures proper notice of business meetings and votes.

2023-24 Leadership Team

  • President: Peggy Webbe.

  • Vice President: Anne Carr

  • Clerk: Jean Mamonas

  • Ex-oficio Members: Rev. Josh Pawelek, minister; Mary Bopp, Director of Music, and the Director of Children & Youth


September 26, 2023 at 12:41:08 AM

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