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Personnel Committee

Advises Policy Board on staff salary, benefits and hiring, establishes job descriptinos, performance standards and evaluation proceures; proposes personnel policies.

2023-24 Leadership Team

  • Chair: Wayne Starkey

  • Members: Vivian Carlson, Randy Huber, Stan McMillen, Marty Milkovic


  1. Search and contract for the most cost effective and comprehensive Insurance Benefits for our employees and for UUSE by;

    1. Reviewing various options offered privately, publicly, and through the UUA

    2. Ensuring the new contracts be initiated prior to July 1, 2024

    3. Ensuring the smooth transition to new insurance programs by arranging coordination and enrollment meetings with enrolled employees.

    4. Informing the Treasurer and Board of costs that exceed the approved budget.

  2. Prepare and recommend the FY 25 Personnel Budget by February 1, 2024 by: a. Reviewing the State Cost of Living indices. including wage/salary information from Dept. of Labor and other public sources. b. Reviewing the UUA compensation guide lines.

  3. Ensure the smooth onboarding of the Director of Children and Youth Ministry.

  4. Review Professional and non-professional salaries to ensure equity and fairness by:

    1. Reviewing the UUA compensation guidelines relative to the positions of Music Director and Dir. of Children and Youth Ministry

    2. Understanding the role and duties of the Asst. to the Director of Children and Youth Ministry and recommend adjustments as needed.


November 8, 2023 at 3:31:25 PM

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