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Communications and Technology Committee

Communications and Technology Committee: Responsible for all society technology and communications to both internal and external audiences. The committee also oversees and manages phone, internet, computers, sound and office equipment.

2023-24 Leadership Team

  • Acting Chair: Paul Cocuzzo

  • Members: Gianna DiMaiolo, Cressy Goodwin, Jennifer Klee, Joe Madar, Carol Marion, Krissy Wild, Nancy Thompson, Dan Thompson

  • Ex officio: Rev. Josh Pawelek

  • Ad Hoc Members (special projects; advisory): Susan Barlow, Malcolm Barlow, Annie Gentile


1. Keep the Unitarian Universalist Society East community, and public informed and up to date on events and work of the congregation.

2. Continue to plan our website redesign.

3. Involve youth and young adults in Communication related activities.

4. Continue to train, support, and enable leaders, staff, and members to access and use the technology available to UUSE, as needed. This includes computers, lobby screens, projector, website, social media postings, Basecamp, video camera, and sound systems.


October 9, 2023 at 10:05:02 PM

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