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Children and Youth Ministry Committee

Committee on Children & Youth Ministry works collaboratively with the Director of Children & Youth Ministry by supporting liberal religious education learning opportunities as well as a variety of community building activities.

2023-24 Leadership Team

Chair: Desirée Holian-Borgnis

Members: Michelle Spadaccini, Paula Baker, Heather Alexson, Sudha Sevin

Ex-Officio: Emmy Galbraith, Director of Children & Youth Ministry


1-Continue to make community and connection the primary focus of our ministry, in order to build a strong support system for our children, youth, and families.

2-Foster UU identity formation by providing opportunities for children and adults of all ages to engage in fun and meaningful activities together.

3-Strengthen our commitment to dismantling systemic racism by selecting curricula, books, music, and movies with an anti-racist lens.

4-Build a community that cultivates pre-emptive radical inclusivity.


October 1, 2023 at 8:45:23 PM

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