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December Newsletter Article

Sunday Services Schedule

December Ministry Theme: Mystery

Service Schedule. We hold in-person services at 9:00 and 11:00 AM. We also broadcast the 11:00 AM service in Zoom. Our Zoom login and call-in information is shared through the congregational eblasts on Wednesdays and Saturdays. To subscribe to the congregational eblast, please send a message to or contact Annie Gentile in the UUSE office to arrange another method of receiving relevant information.



December 3: “Holy Clues.”

Rev. Stephen Kendrick will be our guest speaker.

Coordinator(s): Anne Vogel



December 10: “Earth Centered Faith.”

It is a stark reminder that, with the comfort of air conditioning, artificial lighting, and the prevalence of computers and electronics, we have effectively isolated ourselves from the wonders of the natural world. In today’s service, Sandy Johnson will tell her story of becoming a pagan and what that means to her. Cory Clark will talk about how nature frees her spirit and rejuvenates her from the stress and toil of everyday life.

Coordinator(s): Alan Ayers


December 17: “Dona Nobis Pacem (Grant us Peace).”

Our annual holiday music service celebrates this season of light in the darkness with our entire multigenerational congregation. Come for the music, come for Emmy's story, come to be together!

Coordinator(s): Mary Bopp, Sande Hartdagan, Emmy Galbraith


No Morning Service

December 24: “Christmas Eve Service, 5:00 PM.”

The All Congregation Christmas Eve Service will be at 5:00 PM. Come celebrate the season with story, song and contemplation.

Coordinator(s): Martha Larson & Molly Vigeant


One Service at 10:00 AM

December 31: “Beloved Mystery.”

December 31 is the end of the ancient winter solstice season, the sacred time between the solstice and the beginning of the new solar year. This sacred time belongs to neither the old year nor the new year. In this time of mystery, we’ll come together to share our stories of grace, mercy, faith and hope as we ready ourselves to welcome the light of the new year.

Coordinator(s): Vivian Carlson

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