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Music Committee

Advises and supports the Director of Music. Sustains and broadeds the music program of the Society. Encourages childrena dn teeds, as well as adults, to share their musical talents.

2023-24 Leadership Team

  • Co-chair: Dorothy Bognar

  • Co-chair: Dan Thompson

  • Members: Christina Bailey, Martha Larson, Sue McMillen, Linda Rohlfs, Diana Sherman, Deena Steinberg, Peggy Webbe

  • Ex-Officio: Mary Bopp, Director of Music

UUSE Music Committee Goals for 2023-24

1. In support of UUSE’s widening the circle efforts, work with Music Director to establish, maintain, and continue developing a UUSE multi-generational concert series. Further develop eclectic and diverse musical events with inclusion of talents from performers of 1) traditionally underrepresented groups in society and 2) all ages, and experience levels.

2. Work with Music Director to continue growing the Music Program, including the concert series, music salon unplugged, coffeehouse, and other music activities that enhance the life of the congregation.

3. Ensure that pianos have necessary repairs and maintenance done to keep them in good working order (voicing, tuning, regulation).

4. Long-term goal: Prepare a guide to help people, both in and out of the music committee, to sponsor concerts. Adopted by the committee September 26, 2023


November 8, 2023 at 3:29:09 PM

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