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Membership Committee

Welcomes all newcomers to UUSE and implements the "path to membership" through coordinating the Welcome Table, Greeter and Hospitality volunteers and providing information about UUSE's programsn and activities. The committee coordinates multiple programs/events for newcomers such as "Meet The Church" and the "Introduction to UU". The meembership committee also promotes fellowship among members and freidnds by planning all society events. Finally, the committee supports maintaining the membership list and publishes an annual directory.

2023-24 Leadership Team

  • Co-Chair: Carol Boster

  • Co-Chair Sylvia Õunpuu

  • Members: Susan Barlow, Robin Byrne, Gail Crook, Janet Dauphin, Sheila Foran, Louisa Graver, Jacquie Heintz, Edie Lacey, Sue Myers Parent Advisory Group: Jennifer Ford, Jen Klee, Paula Baker

  • Ex-officio: Rev. Josh Pawelek


1)    Publish a UUSE Photo Directory

2)    Coordinate Member Social Events (e.g. Soup Social)

3)    Create a Membership Committee “Instruction Manual”


January 10, 2024 at 4:46:20 PM

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