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Women’s Circle

Women’s Circle

Women’s Circle with Nora Alpers-Leon

Third Tuesdays at 7:00

In person at UUS:E

Suggested Donation: $10 per session (or ask about sliding scale)

Nora describes this women’s circle as a “judgment-free comfort zone.” She invites participants to “sit, connect and share.” Bring a journal and a pen and a cushion or mat to sit on if you prefer that to a chair.

The theme for the first session is “Falling Gracefully into Autumn.”

Nora Mijares Alpers-Leon is an indigenous (Colombian) mother, developmental psycholinguist and educator, who has a background in dance, yoga, and mindfulness. She completed 2 bachelor and 2 master degrees and a graduate certificate between UW-Madison and UConn. She did her Yoga Teacher Training in the Berkshires, and has led mindfulness workshops and talking circles in the United States and Colombia with both adults and children.

To sign up for this circle, or if you want more information, contact Nora.

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