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"The Spirit of Aging" -- UUSE Virtual Worship, January 14, 2024

Updated: Jan 11

Gathering Music

Welcome & Announcements


"Try to Remember"

by Tom Jones and Harvey Schmidt

Chalice Lighting

Introduction to the Service


"Dark of Winter"

#55 in Singing the Living Tradition

Words & Music: Shelley Jackson Denham

Dark of winter, soft and still,

your quiet calm surrounds me.

Let my thoughts go where they will;

ease my mind profoundly.

And then my soul will sing a song,

a blessed song of love eternal.

Gentle darkness, soft and still,

brings your quiet to me.

Darkness, soothe my weary eyes,

that I may see more clearly.

When my heart with sorrow cries,

comfort and caress me.

And then my soul may hear a voice,

a still, small voice of love eternal.

Darkness, when my fears arise,

let your peace flow through me.

Reading: "I Felt It Deeply" -- from a post on the website DEEPLY I Felt It

Elder Video I

A Time for Sharing: Introductions, Joys & Concerns


Offertory Music

"Fields of Gold"

by Sting

arranged by Eva Cassidy


"Voice Still and Small"

#391 in Singing the Living Tradition

Words & Music: John Corrado

Voice still and small, deep inside all,

I hear you call, singing.

In dark and rain, sorrow and pain,

still you remain singing.

Calming my fears, quenching my tears,

through all the years, singing.

Nancy's Reflections

Elder Video II

Closing Words (from a post on the website DEEPLY I Felt It

Extinguishing the Chalice

#456 in Singing the Living Tradition

by Elizabeth Selle Jones

We extinguish this flame but not

the light of truth,

the warmth of community,

or the fire of commitment.

These we carry in our hearts until

we are together again

Closing Circle

May faith in the spirit of life

And hope for the community of earth

And love of the light in each other

Be ours now, and in all the days to come.

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