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"The Many Faces of Truth" -- UUSE Virtual Worship, July 7, 2024

Gathering Music

"Amazing Grace"

Words by John Newton

Arr. by Mary Bopp

Welcome and Announcements



"Clair de Lune"

by Claude Debussy

Chalice Lighting and Opening Words


"Truth and Lie"

by ZeroPark30

Adapted by Peggy Webbe

Opening Hymn

#1008 "When Our Heart Is in a Holy Place"

Words and Music by Joyce Poley


When our heart is in a holy place,

When our heart is in a holy place,

We are bless'd with love and amazing grace,

When our heart is in a holy place.

When we trust the wisdom in each of us,

Ev'ry color ev'ry creed and kind,

And we see our faces in each other's eyes,

Then our heart is in a holy place.


When we tell our story from deep inside,

And we listen with a loving mind,

And we hear our voices in each other's words,

Then our heart is in a holy place.


When we share the silence of sacred space,

And the God of our Heart stirs within,

And we feel the power of each other's faith,

Then our heart is in a holy place.

Silent Meditation

Welcoming Visitors and Sharing Joys and Concerns

Musical Interlude


by Enya


During the month of July, the recipients of our community outreach are the food banks located in Manchester, Vernon and East Hartford.

Offertory Music

"Adagio Cantabile" from Sonata op. 13

Ludwig van Beethoven


"A Legend of Truth" by Rudyard Kipling

Adapted by Peggy Webbe


"The Many Faces of Truth"

Peggy Webbe

Closing Hymn

#1057 "Go Lifted Up"

Words and Music by Mortimer Barron

Go lifted up,

Love bless your way

moonlight, starlight

guide your journey

into peace

and the brightness of day

Extinguishing the Chalice

Closing Words

"The Truth That Makes Us Free"

Worship Web: Author Unknown

May the truth that makes us free,

and the hope that never dies,

and the love that casts out all fear

lead us forward together,

'till the day breaks,

and the shadows flee away.

Closing Circle

May faith in the spirit of life

And hope for the community of earth

And love of the light in each other

Be ours now, and in all the days to come.

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