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"Free at Last!" -- UUSE Virtual Worship, June 2, 2024

Updated: May 31

Gathering Music (Mary Bopp)

Welcome and Announcements (Rev. Josh Pawelek)



"Rainbow Fantasy"

by Harold Arlen

arr. Mary Bopp

Chalice Lighting and Opening Words

"Broken Glass"

by Sarah Poutre

Opening Hymn

#1002 "Comfort Me"

by Mimi Bornstein-Doble

Comfort me, comfort me,

comfort me, oh my soul.

Comfort me, comfort me,

comfort me, oh my soul.

Sing with me, sing with me ...

Speak for me, speak for me ...

Dance with me, dance with me ...

Comfort me ...

Free At Last Players: Reflections

Joys and Concerns


During the month of June--Pride Month in the United States--the recipient of our community outreach offering will be Trans Voice and Visibility-365. Managed by our friends at the Metropolitan Community Church of Hartford, TV-365 is a ministry dedicated to uplifting and supporting the wellbeing of transgender individuals in Connecticut by providing basic human needs, information and referral, service coordination and support to individuals. Their emphasis is on those most under-served, neglected, victimized and oppressed. This includes, but is not limited to, transgender women and men of color, those with disabilities, youth and elderly, immigrants (documented and undocumented), low income and victims of crime.

Offering Music

"Somewhere Over the Rainbow"

music by Harold Arlen, lyrics by Yip Harburg

Sandy Johnson, vocals

Free At Last Players: "The Purple Brick Road"

Closing Hymn

#1057 "Go Lifted Up"

by Mortimer B. Barron

Go lifted up,

Love bless your way,

moonlight, starlight

guide your journey

into peace

and the brightness of day.

Extinguishing the Chalice

Closing Circle

Free At Last Players: Talk Back

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