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"Celebration of Life for Mary Ann Handley" - December 20, 2023

Gathering Music and Slide Show


"Ave Verum Corpus"

W. A. Mozart

Dorothy Bognar, piano

Opening Words (Rev. Josh Pawelek)

Words of Welcome

Chalice Lighting (Max and Anna Roy)


#108 "My Life Flows on in Endless Song"

Early Quaker song, set to American gospel tune

Dorothy Bognar, piano

Sandy Johnson, hymn leader

My life flows on in endless song above earth's lamentation

I hear the real though far-off hymn that hails a new creation.

Through all the tumult and the strife I hear the music ringing.

It sounds an echo in my soul. How can I keep from singing!

What though the tempest 'round me roars, I know the truth, it liveth.

What though the darkness 'round me close, songs in the night it giveth.

No storm can shake my inmost calm while to that rock I'm clinging.

Since love prevails in heav'n and earth, how can I keep from singing!

When tyrants tremble as they hear the bells of freedom ringing,

when friends rejoice both far and near, how can I keep from singing!

To prison cell and dungeon vile our thoughts to them are winging;

when friends by shame are undefiled, how can I keep from singing!


"Sailing to Byzantium"

by William Butler Yeats

spoken by Lisa Gates


"Take Five"

by Paul Desmond

Ethan and Julian Roy


Tim Roy and Rev. Josh Pawelek


Mike DiRaimo

Don Williams

Olivia Roy

Ethan Roy

Alexandra Roy

Closing Song

"This Land is Your Land"

by Woody Guthrie

Dorothy Bognar, piano

Sandy Johnson, vocals

Ethan Roy, banjo

Mike Roy, guitar

Alexandra Roy

Julian Roy

Anna Roy


This land is your land, and this land is my land

From California to the New York island

From the Redwood Forest to the Gulf Stream waters

This land was made for you and me.

As I went walking that ribbon of highway

And I saw above me that endless skyway

I saw below me that golden valley

This land was made for you and me.


I roamed and rambled, and I've followed my footsteps

To the sparkling sands of her diamond deserts

All around me, a voice was sounding

This land was made for you and me.


There was a big, high wall there that tried to stop me

A sign was painted said "Private Property"

but on the backside, it didn't say nothing

This land was made for you and me.


When the sun come shining, then I was strolling

And the wheat fields waving, and the dust clouds rolling

The voice was chanting as the fog was lifting

This land was made for you and me.


Extinguishing the Chalice


Closing Circle

May faith in the spirit of life

And hope for the community of earth

and love of the light in each other

Be ours now, and in all the days to come.

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