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UUSE’s New Director of Children and Youth Ministry

USSE’s Committee for Children and Youth Ministry, Policy Board, and Rev. Josh Pawelek are overjoyed to announce the hiring of Emmy Galbraith as our new Director of Children and Youth Ministry (DCYM). Emmy has worked with UUSE’s Children and Youth Ministry in the past as a staff member, a volunteer and a parent. She brings to the position a wide range of work experience, great passion and enthusiasm, and a commitment both to Unitarian Universalism and to children’s spiritual development. Please join us in officially welcoming Emmy at our Homecoming service on Sept 10.

We also wish to extend our deep gratitude to the members of DCYM Search Committee who worked many hours this summer with care, thoughtfulness, patience and a lot of laughter: Desiree Holian-Borgnis, Michelle Spadaccini, Sage Nitzan, Randy Huber, Mason Pawelek, Jennifer Ford, Sande Hartdagen, Kate Kimmerle and Jeff Schlechtweg.

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