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July Newsletter Article

Writers Group Update

Mark Your Calendars!

Thanks to Elizabeth for the workshop on spoken word and poetry forms!

We've made some decisions and will revisit as we go:

Our next meeting is on ZOOM (link coming soon) on August 12 at 7 PM, meeting every other month on second Mondays at 7 PM via Zoom. Hopefully there will be a recurring link.

We will rotate facilitators and hopefully someone will volunteer for the next meeting at each meeting. Hint Hint. Facilitators can offer portals/ prompts and or guest speakers, topics, etc.

In addition to above, on Sunday, Sept 8, we will meet at 1 PM aka 12:30 at the meetinghouse in the sanctuary with the portal/prompt, "what if i told you.." Bring something in based on portal or not.

Klaus will contact David Garnes about starting a group ready to discuss publishing.


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