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April Newsletter Article

UUSE Writers Group

UUSE Sanctuary

April 7, 1:00 PM

Dear Friends,

Thank you to those who joined in a discussion about a UUSE Writers Group on Feb 25.

For our next gathering, we agreed to have a meeting which will be part workshop, part organizing. (This might be two meetings, because there is a lot here!)

(what order below?)

1. Covenant

2. Memoirs

3. Publishing

4. Poetry Forms

5. Spoken Word/Reading Out Loud—Techniques

We will likely break into about three groups (and maybe we don’t start until after two more large meetings to cover above. or...have a “reunion” after a couple of breakouts with some of above :)


1. generative exercises

2. bringing work for review and feedback

3. longer form, more publishing-oriented feedback

– Lisa Sementilli


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