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February Newsletter Article

Stewarding Opportunity!

The Stewardship Committee is planning our 2024 Annual Appeal—Gratitude for Our Community—for this spring. We will conduct the canvas like we did last year. Members and friends will receive canvass info in the mail (pledge form, giving guide, EFT form) and asked to return their pledge to Annie in the enclosed envelope. We will also offer Pledging Potlucks the weekends of March 8 – 10 and March 15 – 17. After March 18, people who have not made their pledge will be assigned a steward for follow up. The steward will use a personal visit, email, phone calls, texts, Facebook, etc. to get in touch with people to answer any questions and remind them to fill out their pledge form and return it to Annie.

The Annual Appeal is a time for sharing our common goals and values, a time of community building. This is an opportunity to get to know new people, share your dedication to UUSE and help make our Annual Appeal a success. The time commitment is relatively short with one training session and a couple of weeks to contact three or four members or friends. The stewardship conversations are a time of fellowship and sharing our appreciation for our spiritual community. Talking about financial commitment is a small part of a much larger conversation about gratitude and generosity. So please consider volunteering to be a steward this year. We would love to have some people under the age of 60 or a parent with kids in RE.

We will provide training on Monday evening, February 26 and Saturday morning, March 2.

Please email Phil Sawyer at or call 860-633-8655 if you are willing to help or have any questions.

Our Annual Appeal occurs during March 3 – April 6, 2024.

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