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UU the Vote with Vote Forward

Once again, we face a crucial national election where much is at stake. Once again, our UU principles call us to action and to "UU the Vote."

A quick refresher: UU the Vote is the UUA’s nonpartisan initiative to engage people, educate communities, and mobilize voters for November’s election. UUA is supporting congregations working for electoral justice at the local, state and national levels with suggestions about ways to act alone or with partner organizations. UUSE will offer a number of opportunities to be involved this year.

One of them is to write letters to traditionally under-represented voters urging them to vote. It’s quick, easy, and something you can do from home. Sign up through UU the Vote’s partner organization, Vote Forward, at They’ll provide print-ready letters encouraging voter participation along with names/addresses. You print the letters, add a brief handwritten personal message, and address and stamp the envelopes. We’ll mail our letters in October for maximum effect.

There’s one more step. In order to be counted as part of UUSE’s effort to UU the Vote, please email: Maude McGovern at She will also provide tips and answer questions. 

If all this sounds familiar, it’s because for the 2022 midterm election, UUSE members and friends wrote close to 1400 letters and almost 6,000 for the 2020 presidential election. Join us in 2024!


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