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The UUSE photo directory is back!

The next UUSE photo directory will be done "in-house" with existing software that will allow us to update and distribute the directory more frequently. A huge benefit! Photos continue to be taken at UUSE after services.

You can also take your own photos following the guidelines below:

  • Use a cell phone or digital camera, set to the largest file size or an HDR setting. Use a landscape (horizontal) orientation.

  • Include the shoulders and full head of all persons in the photo, a little extra room around the photo for cropping is welcome.

  • Take the photo at approximately arm's length.

  • Try to use a plain background or a non-busy background.

  • Be mindful of shadows and glare. Make sure you are standing a distance from the background to reduce shadows.

  • Take several photos and send us the best one.

  • Animals are welcome in your photo too! Please include their name.

Email your photo

  • To Annie at:

  • Please include the subject line: Photo Directory

  • In the email message, please include the full names of all people in the photo (left to right)

  • If your phone or email gives you an option to pick the size of the photo file, select the largest size available.

  • If your family has two different last names, please note which name you would like the photo under (we will be including the photo only once).


Please contact Beth Hudson-Hankins, Sylvia Ounpuu,

Dan Thompson, Carol Marion or Annie Gentile.


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