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No One Stepped Forward...What Would You Do?

After a Sunday service, standing in the lobby, your attention was turned to someone who had just slumped to the floor, obviously in great pain. Nobody came over to her to help. Or, coming up the stairs from the lower level, you heard the person going down who had just passed you fall several steps to the floor below. He was holding his arm tightly to his side. No one else was anywhere around.

Twice in the last 2 years, situations like these actually occurred! If another one happens and you were there, what would you do? What should you not do?

An American Red Cross first aid course is being planned for this coming spring. In just 6 hours, training in First Aid and CPR/AED skills will be offered at no cost to students who will receive certificates upon completion. The course will be held at UUSE. But we need to fill a class with at least 8 people.

Please contact Cressy Goodwin, facilitator of the Emergency Preparedness Task Force before February 9 to let us know if you are interested. You then will be able to register later if a course is to be held and once the times and dates have been determined.


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