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Marketing & Publicity Needed for UUSE Building Rentals

One outcome from the January 8, 2023 Financial Congregational meeting was to work on increasing UUSE's building rental income. The Building Rental Task Force has completed their recommendations for rental rates and insurance requirements, which were just recently approved by the Policy Board.

We are now looking for people to help market and publicize that UUSE has available space to rent. This would involve brainstorming ideas, reaching out to a variety of potential renters using technology, phone calls, creating marketing materials, etc.

In addition to concerts, weddings, memorial services, and other gatherings and meetings, some longer-term rental ideas to consider include: nursery/daycare/playgroup/after school, play rehearsals, music rehearsals, study groups, monthly meeting groups (Boards, etc.), classes.

The UUSE Rental Project needs you and your ideas!!

Please contact Jean Knapp with ideas or to help on this project:

Email: or call her at 860-646-5151


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