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Children & Youth Ministry

The Children & Youth Ministry (CYM) at UUSE offers a thriving program for all young people from infancy through senior high and more!


Classes are held on the Garden Level at UUSE, concurrently with the second (11am) service from September through June. In the summer months, we offer a lighter schedule which runs concurrent with the 10am service.

New or Visiting?

Be sure to let a greeter know if you’re visiting a service and would like to know more about our program. They will be happy to put you in touch with a member of our staff or committee! Or if you prefer, email us at:

2023-24 Programs and Activities

(Infant to 3yrs)

Twilight Zone
(Gr 6-7)

(High School)

Spirit Play
(4-5 yrs)

Our Whole Lives
(Gr 7-8)

HS Youth Group
(Gr 9 & up)

Elementary Workshops
(Gr 1-5)

Junior Youth Group
(Gr 6-8)

Events for
Families of All Ages

Children’s Choir will resume on March 10th

Interested in attending the CYM Caregiver meeting? Please RSVP here.

Stewardship Potluck

The Stewardship Committee will be hosting several potlucks next month for CYM families. By now you should have received a mailing with more information as well as a pledge form which you can mail in or bring to the potluck. We hope you and your family will participate! These potlucks will be at the homes of Christine Yantz & Tim Vadas in Mansfield and Caitlin & Donna Vasquez-O'Brien in South Windsor, both on Saturday, March 9th; as well as a UUSE sponsored "potluck" (pizza, etc.) to be held at the building on Sunday March 10th. We encourage everyone to check their calendars to see which date would work best.


The Garden Level is looking for Volunteers to help in our Workshop Adventures for children in grades 1-5. Please click here and scroll to the bottom of the webpage for the links to individual classes under Volunteers needed. Or contact us at and we'll sign you up.


CYM News for Wednesday, Feb 28th

Back to School Video September 2023

Volunteers Needed

The Children & Youth Ministry is run by professionals and volunteers working together. We ask that families who enroll their children in the program offer to help – there are LOTS of options designed to fit different comfort levels and availability. Adults without children in the program often help as well! Many hands make light work – and allow all volunteers a chance to become connected to the program, while still having the ability to attend services and feel spiritually nurtured! 

To sign up to volunteer please select from these links:

Nursery (ages 3 and under) 

Workshop Adventure (Grades 1 through 5) 


Advanced Workshop Rotation for 5th Graders 


Twilight Zone (6th, 7th and 8th grades) 

High School Youth Group (Grades 9-12)
Faith In Action (Grades 10-12)

Contact Us

The CYM Committee is always available for questions or comments at our dedicated email: 

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