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Social Justice / Anti-Oppression Committee

Sponsors and encourages participation in service projects; acts as liaison with UUSE and social service agencies. Strives to educat its members and the members and friends of UUSE about institutional racism and white privilege. Participates in and encourages others to participate in a wide varienty of racial, economic, and social justice initiatives in Manchester and the Greater Hartford Region.

2023-24 Leadership Team

  • Co-chair: Maureen Flanagan

  • Co-chair: Monica van Beusekom,

  • Participants: Mike Baxter, Al Benford, Nicole Bornhorst, Rhona Cohen, Judi Durham, Beth Hudson Hankins, Kate Kimmerle, Bob Knapp, Azucena Minaya Llantoy, Polly Painter, Nancy Pappas, Rob Sehi, Lisa Sementilli, Diana Sherman, Sid Soderholm, Marika Stewart, Ellen Williams

  • Ex-officio: Rev. Josh Pawelek



November 8, 2023 at 3:51:23 PM

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